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If you’re feeling tense and in need of a relaxing massage, then we can help you out. We provide a range of incredible techniques that are all carried out by experienced and certified massage professionals. One of our most popular services is the swedish massage, which is proven to have a range of incredible benefits for all patients.


What is a swedish massage?

Did you know that a swedish massage is the most requested massage?If you’ve ever been for a massage before, then it’s likely you’ve had one of these. It’s the basis of all other massage types as well, and has been used for centuries.

The goal of a swedish massage is to increase circulation through your muscle tissues, which eases tightness and relieves pain. This is done by using gentle strokes at a relatively fast pace, with the focus mainly looking at warming up your muscles and breaking through any knots you have in specific areas. As a general rule, your therapist won’t apply firm pressure during a swedish massage, but you can instruct them to go harder or softer if you wish. This is not a deep tissue massage that really gets into the different tissue layers and muscle fascia, so don’t expect a rough ride.​​

Is a swedish massage right for me?

The beauty of this massage treatment is that it’s perfect for just about anyone. Even if you’re not in any pain, you will benefit from a Swedish massage to help relax your mind and melt any tension away. It’s also useful if you do have a little bit of tightness or soreness in particular areas, or if you’re looking to warm up stiff muscles. The lack of intensity means this is a popular treatment for older people – or anyone with low pain thresholds. But, it’s perhaps not best suited to patients who are suffering from chronic pain. If you’ve been suffering from really deep-rooted muscle pain for a long time, then the chances are you’ll need a deep tissue massage instead of a swedish massage.

What are the benefits of a swedish massage?

Swedish massages have been around for many years, which means they clearly do a good job of helping various issues. The whole point of this massage technique is focused on improving circulation and really relaxing your muscles. This is why it’s a lot more gentle than other methods – the aim is to help you control your breathing and really let go of any tension while the therapy is happening.By using fluid movements and gentle pressure, it helps drive blood around your body, which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. As a result, this is said to help remove toxins from problem areas, which also does an excellent job of easing muscle strains and minor pain.

A swedish massage can be used to improve your flexibility and provide you with more mobility. Again, this is thanks to the increased blood flow which warms up stiff muscles and ligaments, making them more supple.
It’s also a very well-known stress management technique. One of these massages is proven to help lower blood pressure and relieve a lot of built up mental tension.

What happens during my appointment?

When you book a swedish massage with us, you’re in a private room where you can make yourself comfortable. Your therapist will apply warm oil to your body, and they’ll begin rubbing and scraping the muscles with their hands and fingers. Usually, they work on different sections of your body at a time. For example, they begin with your legs and ankles, work their way to your lower back and hips, then proceed up to the shoulders and neck.

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