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Manual Lymphatic Drainage
and Post-Op Recovery

After any plastic surgical procedure, especially hi-definition liposuction, patients experience severe swelling and bruising that can last for weeks to months and the flow of lymph can be interrupted by the surgery, which can result in reduced healing, fibrosis (scar tissue, dimpled, uneven skin and the possibility of developing seromas (pockets of serous fluid). Plastic surgeons frequently recommend Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) after liposuction, or after abdominoplasty with liposuction (a ‘tummy-tuck’). If you have multiple procedures simultaneously (liposuction, breastwork, and tummy tuck), MLD will be even more necessary to address swelling and tissue hardness. Manual Lymphatic Drainage accelerates recovery and decreases the chance for irregularities, lumps or bumps, and scar tissue formation, which can all affect the final cosmetic outcome. It also helps the skin to tighten and conform to the new body shape and sculpted musculature during the liposculpture procedure.

  • It speeds up the healing process by: reducing swelling and bruising, increasing the removal of cellular debris and other waste from the area (including free fats), reducing local inflammation, and decreasing the risk of infection by improving the immune response (the lymphatic system plays an active role in immune surveillance, immune cell transport, and clearance).

  • It decreases scarring and the build-up of fibrotic nodules (hard lumps), and consequently improve skin texture and tone.

  • It decrease pain, sensitivity and touch-avoidance by speeding healing and providing gentle and pleasing massage.

Benefits of a
Post-Op Lymphatic Massage

It should be noted that lymphatic drainage massages aren’t recommended for patients if they have any of the following conditions:

  • Congestive heart failure

  • History of blood clots or stroke

  • Current infection

  • Liver or kidney problems

Contradiction to Post Operative Massage

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